Above and Beyond Stories

When I worked for Chapters I was mostly in the tech Department where we sold Apple and other tech products. We had a lot of senior citizens come in who were intimidated by the technology. One lady in her mid 80's asked if I could come to her home and help her with her KOBO E-reader and her Ipad. I did, and she also referred me to her widowed friend who also needed tech help at a reasonable rate. I helped them both, I would have done it for free, but they insisted on paying me.

A man came up to me in the Tech department at Chapters and was asking me about the blue-tooth wireless speakers. He really liked the hand-held Harmon Kardon speaker that looked like an Ipod. He asked if I could call him if it ever went on sale. I told him that particular speaker never goes on sale, but that I would call him if it ever did. He gave me his business card. I called him over a year later when the speaker was 25% off. I think he was shocked and forgot our conversation. He thanked me, but didn't come in for the speaker, but I had kept my promise to him.
At Christmas time it gets busy in retail. Throughout the month of December management would do something different every day. Sometimes it was pizza for the entire staff. Sometimes it was veggie and fruit platters. The managers were great! but I wondered who was doing something for them for all their hard work, so I bought them all a $5 gift card each for the Starbucks located in our store (There were 4 managers plus the GM). They were pleasantly caught-off guard. The next day they bought the entire staff that was working in the store that day $5 gift cards. I guess they were inspired by my gesture.

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