About Me

Zac is a media communications professional who has over 15 years of experience in various production roles from a handful of different companies all related to the advertising, media, and graphics design industry.

He's worked alongside a wide variety of professionals that include graphic-designers, art directors, editors, and advertising sales reps.

His background includes extensive knowledge of the media and illustration industry, technical aspects of post-production, broadcast graphics, media trafficking, pre-press principles, and magazine and print production.

He is also creative, a talented graphic artist, blogger, writer, and direct-response copywriter with a marketer’s mindset.

He is accustomed to wearing many hats, is no stranger to multi-tasking, and deadlines, is a natural problem-solver and thrives on a good challenge.

He's obsessed with Adobe Photoshop, and Macs, and everything Apple, but has also adapted to a PC working environments.

He is strategic, methodical, and organized, whether he's filing paperwork, working on a project, or following up with a client.

He is a people-person, with contrarian tendencies, who likes to stand-out from the crowd and be different! He is what marketer Seth Godin calls a 'Linchpin'.

At work you can usually find him attached to a computer, and again at home in the evening until he goes to sleep. At rest he likes to feed his brain by reading Psychology Today, Scientific American and books on leadership, persuasion, marketing, writing, copywriting, sales, and exercising the brain.

"I want to make your job easier", is his motto at work, and in life.