Monday, May 14, 2018

The Traditional Business Card Is Dead. The New Business Card Is…


If you are reading this it likely that you are already on Linked-In, and are reading this from Linked-In, if not somebody you know has shared this post.

There are currently over 25 million users on Linked-In. That’s why I’m surprised when I meet somebody who tells me that they are not on there.

Linked-In is your new virtual rolodex. You never have to worry about losing a business card or contact, you don’t have to carry business cards in your pocket, and if you are not onboard you may be cutting yourself out of many potential new business, leads, contacts, and networking opportunities.
I’m not suggesting that the traditional business card is completely dead, yet…but it is almost there.

Here are the downsides to a business card:

• You can lose it or damage it
• If one or more pieces of information on it change it has to be reprinted
• You can’t walk around with all your business cards
• It’s not eco-friendly

On the plus side Linked-in:
• Is accessible 24 hours a day 365 days a year
• You never have to worry about losing your contacts
• You can meet somebody and neither of you have to exchange business cards
• It is a much more powerful vehicle of communication than a business card

With linked-In you can:
• Build your brand
• Promote your companies products and services
• Use testimonials

...and so much more, and the best part is that it’s free to join, there are no printing costs.

Should you get rid of your business cards? No, you can still use them, just think of them as a life jacket, only use them where, and when it’s absolutely necessary for example…”Hey, I’m on Linked-In, but here’s my business card just in case.”

Don’t forget to put your Linked-In presence on your business card, if you follow this advice you will never have to worry about losing a contact again if the person you meet doesn’t have a business card and neither do you…as long as you are both on Linked-In.

Do you think the traditional business card is dead, write your thoughts below.

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