Monday, March 12, 2012

The One Quality To Look For In Employees That Guarantees Their Success

Not all of your employees will have this quality, nor will most of them display this quality, but you'll know it when you see it. The quality is leadership. Even newbie's will display this quality right away. The leader is the employee that goes the extra mile, the one who doesn't have to be babysat, the one who knows what needs to be done, the one who knows how you...the boss thinks.

They show up everyday with the sole purpose of making your job easier. If something happened to you tomorrow, this person could jump into the captain's seat. Not everyone is born a leader, but they can learn. The best way to develop leaders is too be a leader yourself. Why? because leaders lead by example. If you're already a great leader, manager, boss etc...your employees are already getting an education in leadership.

I'm always reading about great leaders. Why? because I want to know how they think, and work. I want to be like them. There are a lot of leadership guru's, and books out there, and you may have your favourites. Here are a few of mine:

• Harvey Mackay

• Marcus Buckingham

• John C. Maxwell

Start developing your junior talent today, praise them, gently nudge them to their potential, recognize their accomplishments, reward their hard work because they will be your company's leaders tomorrow and five years from now.

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